Gotham Chronicles:::

The five novels that make up the Gotham Chronicles were all inspired by the Hacker Manifesto. The novels are crafted in the muckraking genre inspired by the tireless efforts of Ida Tarbell who was one of the leading "muckrakers" of the progressive era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is thought to have pioneered investigative journalism.

The Gotham Chronicles are about do-gooder hackers who are one step ahead of the police.

About the supercomputer - Beowulf - who has mind of his own!

About an attractive kickboxer - Darla - who's ALWAYS in a jam.

And, of course, about 'opposites attract'!!!


Five muckraking novels by author Brion Hathaway ::: Email Brion

1) Quagmire in Queens [published on Kindle - September 2012] ::: Quagmire Storyline

--- when a gung-ho, reforming Queens Congressman is targeted for assassination by the banking industry, the hackers reluctantly get involved!

2) Brouhaha in Brooklyn [completed, to be published 12/12/12]

--- when a Brooklyn drug company goes too far - experiments on humans - to improve the bottom line, the hackers step in to level the playing field!

3) Mayhem in Manhattan [in production]

--- the hackers and the Feds join forces to find out how a Wall Street hedge fund is manipulating the stock market and [illegally] making billions!

4) Brawl in the Bronx

5) Road Rage in Richmond ... or ... Storm Over Staten Island

Gina Carano IS Darla!

New York City wuz first nicknamed Gotham by native son Washington Irving in 1807!